Basic / General English

Learn The Basics Of The English Language At Communiqua

This program is designed specifically for those who require basic English language skills that is essential for them to succeed in becoming a self supporting member of the global society.

The General or Basic English program enables students to learn English for everyday living that facilitates their successful functioning in academic, professional and personal environments.

Students are taught a full range of language skills and information that is essential for them to succeed and overcome linguistic and cultural challenges.

For Students:

The Basic or General English program is ideal for students who are in the transition stage that necessitates them to move from other medium of instructions to English for educational purposes.

For Professionals

With presentations and meetings become part and parcel of the corporate culture, it becomes imperative for professionals to learn conversing English that helps them highlight their skills and talents amongst their peer group. Learning basic everyday conversational English with Communiqua helps them to improve their proficiency.

For Housewives

Living in a metropolitan makes it essential for homemakers and housewives to converse in English be it with their husband’s peers, neighbours, at their children’s school, etc. Conversing in English is a challenge to many and this fear factor becomes a thing of the past for those who take their English training classes at Communiqua.