Classes For Childrens

Crossing Borders Through Spanish Classes for Children At Communiqua, we believe that learning the language and culture of another country is best done at an early age. Specialised Spanish classes enables kids to start on a journey of learning a new language, through interesting activities.

Spanish learning for kids from Communiqua includes; Specialised classes for learning Spanish vocabulary including conversation Communicating through drills, expressions, phrases, dialogues, etc. Teaching kids to respond, share information, give directions and ask questions in Spanish Holistic method of teaching through a cultural context, making language come alive for young learners Innovative and high-energy Spanish classes that focuses on age appropriate learning activities Reading and writing in Spanish (depending on the level and age of the child)

We make the classes fun, exciting, constant, natural and applicable with the right mix of music, art and laughter for your kids. Help your child enjoy learning another language and culture!