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English Speaking Course

English fluency is vital for your acceptance in the business world ,the corporate world and in the social circle in which you move in. We, at Communiqua , take the onus to work closely by partnering with our students and help them to navigate from their current levels of discomfort to the stage where they are able to express their ideas fluently without fear. Our faculty comprises of seasoned professionals who have the right combination of fluency, experience and the innate ability to reach out to students by going down to their level and guide them through the pitfalls of the English Language.

Achieve English Excellence In Communiqua

There is no better way to learn the English language than to surround yourself in an environment that talks, walks and breathes it! That is precisely the experience that Communiqua offers to its English learning students. Being an experienced language training center in Chennai, Communiqua offers English language training programs that are spread across conversational English to higher proficiency in the language.

Why We Are The Best English Training Centers in Chennai

User Specific Programs

We have specific programs to meet your unique goals and objectives, hence you can choose based on your requirement

Mixture of Instruction

We offer a fine mixture of private instruction, small group trainings, corporate instructions and a combo program customised to suit specific groups

Special Classes for Homemakers

Specialised classes for homemakers that gives them the added advantage of becoming proficient in yet another field.

Online Classes

For those who are unable to walk-into our classrooms due to time constraints, we offer them online training which saves time, is flexible and rules out transportation time.

Ultimate Learning Experience

We have specific programs to meet your unique goals and objectives, hence you can choose based on your requirement

Intensive Coaching

Intensive coaching that enables you to speak and converse fluently be it as part of your language proficiency interests, to enjoy corporate advantage or to become part of the elite group of advanced English literates.

Basic / General English

This program is designed specifically for those who require basic English language skills that is essential for them to succeed in becoming a self supporting member of the global society. The General or Basic English program enables students to learn English for everyday living that facilitates their successful functioning in academic, professional and personal environments.Read More »

Intermediate English

Being one of the leading English learning centers in Chennai, at Communiqua we teach vocabulary, grammar along with practical English as part of our intermediate curriculum. Our course is designed to help you get ahead in your professional and academic career. With structured courses and regular reviews our highly interactive sessions can offer … Read More »

Advanced English

Communiqua’s Advanced English program is dedicated to students who wish to expand and sharpen one or more individual skill or are looking to master all general skills in the language. Classes are focussed on increasing analytical skills, critical thinking and listening comprehension that supports … Read More »

Business English

Being in the professional environment is as competing as it is, more so when it comes to having an edge over the commonly accepted business tongue – English. Being the commercial language of the global market, it is essential to inculcate the language skills and cultural understanding that comes with it, to excel in the world arena.Read More  »

What Our Students Say about us

  • I was greeted everyday and constantly enquired about my progress which was nice. There is some warmth about the people at Communiqua that is very hard to explain. Their sincerity and professionalism at times made me feel like I was the only student in Communiqua... In short I would say that its one of a kind English learning center in Chennai with people who care about their work, while I pursued learning advanced English.

  • My instructor is an exceptional teacher. She was quick to pinpoint my mistakes to me and was very gentle and patient in addressing it. English pronunciation and me have a cat and dog relationship. I am a decent writer but conversing in English had always been a problem. The instructor tireless worked with me to hone my skills of improving my understanding of phonetics in the language. Not only her, my general observation about the other staff at Communiqua and my interactions with other language students has given me the understanding of how cooperative the entire language learning center is. It was a pleasure to be with Communiqua. I am looking forward for more lessons with them (eyeing a bit of Spanish and German learning soon).

  • Having learnt English as only a subject in my academics that follows Tamil as the medium of instruction, I found it difficult to cope in the corporate world. Joining a good English learning center in Chennai was the only option I had. I came to Communiqua with the hope of learning English to enable me to give presentations and converse fluently with my peers. Today thanks to them, I have been able to achieve this. My peers have noticed this change in me, and I have put in a word with them regarding Communiqua who very soon will be taking corporate classes for some of them.