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With thorough and ever-going research and study, training team at Communiqua understands the importance of German and why candidates want to learn this modern language. Amongst the several hundred students that we train in German language every year, there are children – who are eager for an early start, teenagers and adults – who either want to study, work in Germany or as translators in India, and businesses – who want to train their employees in working with German clients or collaborate with branches located there.

Our German courses in Chennai are specially designed to help and cater to customized needs of every single student, no matter what the motive. Our years of experience and expertise has allowed us to successfully create personalized courses for various groups of candidates with common goals for learning German.

Why learn German

Germany is the world’s 4th largest economy and the biggest in the entire European Union put together. You may already know that German car manufacturing industry to be the largest and the finest in the world, but what may surprise you that it is so much more than that. Machinery, electrical, chemical and lately even the Information Technology industry in Germany is amongst the best in the world. A nation of this caliber holds massive opportunity for people around the world.

Group classes for teenagers and adults

Some of the largest groups for Communiqua German language course in Chennai, are for teenagers and adults. The reason behind this trend is the growing awareness among the youth and experienced professionals about the role played by German language in receiving higher education and better employment opportunities. Our methodology of training students and adults to learn German in Chennai is a proven success. We understand the background that people here in Chennai tend to grow in which includes their educational history as well. Henceforth we have customized our courses to work in sync with people with Tamil background which includes syllable pronunciation and word formation approaches. We particularly encourage group members to share their overall experience, hurdles and successes with each other so they can learn faster through early identification of problem areas and keep being motivated.

Corporate training /Placement support

Given our vast experience is conducting mid-to-large scale corporate trainings with several SMB and MNC sector partnerships, we pride ourselves at being one of the best German classes in Chennai. Corporate, with medium and large multi-nationals alike, are today investing heavily in employee skill development programmes of which language & communication takes a significant share. Amongst all the new languages chosen for this programme, German has been and continues to dominate the list. This is especially true in case of MNCs who come across German counterparts in some or the other way given the expansive nature of their own business. However, SMBs especially innovative and market disruptive startups who aggressively compete with large companies are also doing so to woo their German clients. This includes having bright employees with a strong command over German. We provide on-premise and in-house German language corporate trainings in Chennai. Our course materials are time-tested to work efficiently with corporate needs and offer time-bound delivery of employee results. With Communiqua as your corporate German language training partner, you rest assured about your ROI from investments made in employee communication skill development.

Exam tutoring (Goethe Exams) / School Tuitions for German

It is always best to learn a language as early as possible. As children are already having their growth spurts and brain development, grasping a new language is like a natural process. But most importantly, it gives them more time to gain expertise in this field and use it as an added academic bonus all the way to college and then at work as well. Our group German language training in Chennai for children are particularly oriented to impart knowledge through inter-personal communication among students. Even games can become great learning tools when played in the language they want to learn. This is also because it allows them to use German to convey even the smallest of ideas which further helps them familiarize with niche aspects of the language and take the learning process more sportingly. Our German language institute in Chennai for children takes a seamless symbiotic approach in teaching that is both playful and highly effective in early learning.

Translation and Interpretation services

We at Communiqua understand the role of priorities and the time they require. We respect your commitments towards work and personal life and are happy to accommodate you by providing specialized private tuitions for German language training in Chennai. In private tuitions, our lectures sit in one-on-one sessions with you to best understand and formulate teaching methodologies that will work the best for you. No matter what approach we take, our goal remains the same throughout – quick and thorough learning for you.

What Our Students Say about us

  • I am running my own business in Bangalore and Chennai. I deal in automotive parts manufacturing and have a lot of German clients for the same reason. While many Germans know a bit of English and co-operate, over the years I have lost some important contracts which in one way or another was related to communication gap. So I just had to learn German for that competitive edge. And I have to say that the private classes I took were top of line. They understood my need very clearly and personalized my whole learning experience as per my needs. The process was rather quicker than I had expected!

  • I am a housewife now but I used to work earlier. My husband was notified that he was to be positioned in the Germany branch for 3 consecu tive projects which would take about 3-4 years to complete. My husband had already taken German language course in Chennai from Communiqua about a year ago. And he says that is what may have gotten him this opportunity to work at a client location in Germany. So when I decided to learn it as well since we were moving there, Communiqua was an obvious choice. And now I can see how my husband got so well at German. Courses here are very well organized and these people know what they are doing.

  • I am a student here in Chennai completing my BBA. Given my educational background and future employment sector is business, I knew that communication will play a big role in it. And I also knew that having an added language expertise in my resume would greatly help in client management roles. I chose to learn German given it’s the dominant language in Europe. After completing my course from Communique I can easily recommend this institute to anyone. The faculty is experienced and very supportive and so were the people in my group.