Communiqua Foreign Language training

School Tutoring

We are staffed with energetic tutors who teach with utmost care and attention. We interact with every student and their parents before the start of the program and develop a personalized tutoring program keeping in mind their individual academic requirements and the areas needing special emphasis. The program is continually adjusted based on performance assessment as the tutoring progresses. We provide classes in the following subjects:

  1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Hindi, Tamil, French and German- Classes are conducted by subject specialists for each subject
  2. English Tuitions- English Tuitions available for every class, where the focus is to get more marks while working on basics of grammar, sentence construction and vocabulary. All four skills- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are covered in our module
  3. French tuitions—French tuitions available for all age groups. Concept oriented classes with personalized attention to make your child face the devil called exam
  4. Hindi and Tamil Tuitions- for all grades and all boards from language experts
  5. Happy Handwriting– Handwriting improvement classes with guaranteed improvement from tried and tested methodologies. An assessment is conducted prior to enrollment to ensure improvement. Open to all who wish to make an impression with what they write

Life Skill Course/Summer Workshops

Our Life Skill Course for kids is an age-by-age guide that teaches them to deal with everyday situations. It is aimed at making our kids responsible citizens who are capable of making good decisions in real life. What we do at Communiqua is patiently communicate good values with the help of various interactive activities, games and role plays. We practice the fundamentals of good behavior, talk about what is happening in the society and world around us, encourage them to ponder and ask their opinion.

English Enhancement Program

This program is designed to enhance the communication skills and confidence level of students who are in Grade 1 and above in a comfortable and stress free atmosphere. We have a child-centered, activity-focused approach. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing and spelling are all clubbed together into this course. Our teachers possess native fluency and advanced degrees in the language.


We conduct phonics classes for age group 4 to 8 in age wise batches to develop your kid’s reading and writing skills. We stand out because of our ability to provide personalized attention to each student. Small batch sizes with a favorable student-trainer ratio enable us to do so with ease. Remedial classes for your child in case he/she is not able to cope with the pace of the class are also conducted by Special Educators..