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Learn Spanish From The Maestro In Chennai

Whether you are a student vying to learn Spanish as an additional language, a business executive needing to learn Spanish quickly for your job or a family that is travelling for a vacation to Spanish speaking regions, Communiqua offers a Spanish learning program to suit your specific needs.

Choose Communiqua Your Numero Uno Spanish Learning Center in Chennai

At Communiqua, we explore different Spanish learning needs, teaching styles and offer a wide choice of materials and lessons that would make learning Spanish fun and effective!

Our culturally rich home like setting facilitates adults and children to engage themselves in private and small group classes. The idea and approach is to teach the language by applying it to simple, social or business situations. Our Spanish lessons are designed such that it brings greater flexibility that will meet the requirements of our students be it in a personal or business environment. For those who find it difficult to come the distance to our state of the art classrooms, we undertake online classes too.

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Why Learning Spanish Has Become the “In Thing” Today

  • Spanish is the official language of 21 countries in the world
  • It is the third most spoken language of the masses
  • Over 400 million Spanish speaking public live in Asia, Europe, Africa and the American continent

Group Classes For Adults And Teenagers

Our group classes follow the international curriculum structure for European Languages CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Being designed for providing a comprehensive, coherent and transparent basis for curriculum guidelines and language syllabuses of foreign language proficiency,

we prepare our students for all six levels. Read More about Group Classes For Adults And Teenagers »

Classes For Children

At Communiqua, we believe that learning the language and culture of another country is best done at an early age. Specialised Spanish classes enables kids to start on a journey of learning a new language, through interesting activities. Specialised classes for learning Spanish vocabulary including conversation Communicating through drills,Read More about Classes For Children »

Private Tuitions

At Communiqua we respect your time and need, and for that reason, we offer private Spanish lessons for those who find it difficult to learn in a group environment or those who find it difficult to travel. We offer private tuitions for students across all levels, be it a beginner or an advanced learner.Read More about Private Tuitions »

Corporate Training

At Communiqua we provide a wide range of services for Corporate Companies that includes interpretation, translation and occupation specific language coaching for business professionals. Communiqua’s Spanish learning center in Chennai has the experience of working with business and Read More about Corporate Training »

What Our Students Say about us

  • I am a 66 year old guy, not a spring chicken! My retention of any language for that matter is not the same anymore. I am to leave to Spain where my son lives and I wanted to learn the language. I don’t fool myself to things I know is beyond my reach but made up my mind to visit my son with a working understanding of Spanish. Must confess that Communiqua has augmented my learning and surely has helped me to enrich this trip for which I’ve been looking forward to for the past one year. Thank you. No wonder they are being rated as the best Spanish learning center in Chennai by many.

  • Their functional fluency teaching methods impressed me big time. Learning a new language can be a challenge no matter for which purpose we learn it. Tutors at Communiqua understand that and teach accordingly. The instructors are always prepared with something new, that can help us apply what we are working on, thereby making lessons lively, helpful and the class energetic. The enthusiasm of the tutors rubs off on all of us, creating a positive vibe, which stood apart for me.

  • Taking Communiqua’s Spanish classes has been a great professional investment and a rewarding personal experience for me. I appreciate the emphasis on practical everyday vocabulary and speaking Spanish in class for better improvement. I came to Communiqua after trying out a couple of tutors, I must say its my loss that I didn’t come to them at the first instance. I have been able to learn Spanish from Communiqua – the best Spanish learning center in Chennai, much quickly than my earlier two experiences.

  • Its an Outstanding experience in learning spanish in communiqua .The only institute which gives the best training and enhance the learning skills.

  • The classes were good,or too good in precise.The trainers,to begin with, made the learning more beautiful and easy and the materials given was totally beyond impressive!! I am, sure my experience would be a key for many people to come relish this awesome experience, here.

  • I have to confess, with Communiqua it was not only about learning, but also about a cultural experience, at least that is what I felt during my Spanish learning sessions. I spent close to 12 weeks with Communiqua and I had the opportunity to interact with students of other language batches as well. Whenever I enquired about their tutors, there was one common reply – ‘they are great’. As good as my Spanish lessons tutors, it was enlightening to know that it wasn’t just a lone spark.